Second Hand Kits

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Welcome to our Second Hand Kits section! This part of the section is specifically information on trading in your old kits.

What do I get for trading in my old kits?

Depending on the condition of your kit you can get upto $30 in store credit.

How do you rate the condition?

The condition is ranked out of 5. Please find below the key to see what rank your kit will receive.

5/5 - $30 store credit.
Excellent condition, only worn a handful of times. No tears, marks or pull to the fabric. Colour on kit has not faded at all and any printing is not peeling.

4/5 - $25 store credit.
Decent condition. Colour is not faded and no printing on the kit is peeling. Minor defects on kit, none which are noticebale from distance. Overall in an acceptable condition

3/5 - $20 store credit.
Kit has been well used. Obvious to tell the kit has be worn and used a lot but has been looked after well. No peeling on the badge or sponsor but has been minorly faded from being used often. A few defects but nothing major

2/5 - $10 store credit.
Very worn out. A few obvious defects but still in a condition suitable enough to be worn. Minor peeling on printing but can be clearly made out what it is supposed to look like. A few stretches to collar and sleeves, purely due to the amount of times it has been worn and not because its been wrecked

1/5 - $5 store credit.
Low condition. Kit has noticeable defects and does not have much life left in it. This includes pull on fabric, colour has faded, printing is peeling, some tears to the stitching. 

0/5 - $0 store credit.
Poor condition. Examples include rips, staines, marks, major peeling, tears, faded colour and loose stitching.

How much will you sell our kits for?

Kits will be listed for the same price as the store credit you recieve.

What kits do you accept?

Official kits and team wear only. Items such as fan shirts and accessories will not be accepted.

How do I trade in my old kit?

Fill in the form below! Please add the following details:
  1. The kit you are trading in and all relative details (The team, size, season, home or away, name and number).
  2. Add in your address for us to collect from aswell as a date and time period we can come to collect (minimum 3 hour time period) example: January 1st 11am-2pm. Also add in if you will leave the kit out the front or would like us to knock on your door. Add in where you have left it if instructions say out the front.
  3. Your name and email address.

If there are any more questions please contact us either through our contact us section or on Instagram DMs.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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